About Us

Napier Communications is a contract and freelance communications business, owned and operated by Mary and Mike Napier. The company was started in 2005 and is designed to help clients in various capacities through its flexibility and experience.  Over the last several years, Napier Communications has continued to grow each year and now helps numerous organizations and businesses throughout Kansas.

About our Services
Napier Communications offers a unique combination of services ranging from graphic design, to publication layout, editorial services, public relations, and more.  We can do anything from designing a business card to publishing a magazine or planning an event.

About our Clients
Napier Communications has a variety of clients including associations, non-profit organizations, lobbying firms, small businesses, doctors, insurance companies, and accountants to name a few.  Napier Communications provides similar services to all its clients, but it also has a goal to make each end product unique.  We want your products to reflect your company and no one else’s.  Trust us to make a product you will be proud of!